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I was born in Lyon but I joined the ski club late. I wasn’t destined for a career in high-level sport. However, I gradually climbed the ranks and participated in the World Cup 8 years ago. I got off to a good start but then I stopped improving, so I left the FFS group. I began training on my own. That’s when I finally started to show what I was capable of, making it into the world’s top 10 and the Olympic Games. Now my goal is to be on other World Cup podiums and to finish my career on a high with a medal at the 2022 Olympics. 


  • Place and date of birth: 19 November 1990 in Bron, France
  • Where do you live now? Lyon, France
  • At what age did you start your discipline? At 10 years old.
  • What are the reasons for having chosen it? We used to go to Méribel with my parents every weekend and for the holidays, but I wasn’t at all interested in downhill skiing, kids following each other down the piste. Then I discovered mogul skiing and I found a lot more freedom in this sport. It's more fun too, combining skiing, jumps and speed.
  • What is your main objective in your sports career? My main goal is to reach my full potential, keep progressing and have fun!
  • What is your main objective in your personal life? To be just as motivated in everything else I do after my career as I am now. Make up for lost time: spend time with my friends and family, enjoy life, and pursue new challenges.
  • Why do you choose us as a partner? Cébé wants to get back into freestyle, they have shown me a lot of confidence and I want to help develop better products.
  • What do you like the most in our products? They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Do you have a particular habit, a ritual before a competition? Before I go down a piste, I draw it. It helps me to memorize it.
  • What is your favorite competition spot? My favorite place is Deer Valley, Utah, USA. It’s the perfect place for mogul skiers: the piste is fantastic with natural snow and big bumps, and over 5,000 fans who come to see the show.
  • What is your best memory in your career? I'm not sure...either my podium in Canada or just before my Pyeongchang Olympic qualifying run.
  • Where is your favorite place to relax? Usually in Méribel. But I also love to travel to get away from it all and discover the world.
  • Where is your favorite destination for holidays? The South of France with a group of friends.
  • What is your favorite song, artist? Macklemore’s “Ain’t gonna die tonight.”
  • What is your favorite movie? Asterix and Obelix: mission Cleopatra.
  • What is your favorite dish? Rib of beef grilled on the fireplace with homemade French fries.
  • What is your favorite activity (besides your sport)? I love sport generally: I play a lot of golf and I like to drive. Apart from that, I love discovering new places. 
  • Do you have a motto? Do what you do best.