Matt Black

Zone Blue Light Brown Cat.3 Gold

At 10 to 12 years old, children are not kids anymore. That’s why this year Cébé has launched a new style combining cool shape, soft materials and of course pop colours. And because we don’t compromise on protection, the Ayden also features our bad Blue Light blocking lenses.

Base : 6

Size : 10-12 years

54.6 X 41.2





Blue Light lenses

Anti-Scratch coating

Zone Blue Light Brown Cat.3 Gold

This blue light lens ensures not only reinforced protection against UVA/UVB but also filtration of harmful blue light.
The brown base contains a red element to enhance contrast, depth perception and improves visual acuity in variable light conditions.
Due to its ability to reflect extremely bright light rather than absorb it, the gold mirror offers a darker field of vision with high contrast and reduces the amount of light that can enter the eyes to reduce eye

PC | VLT 13%

Cat. 3

Recommended retail price

40 €