of prescriptions(+6.00 to -8.00)

Cébé Nano active design patented technology allows us to offer prescription lenses to 99% of people who wear glasses. Whether they are hi-tech, performance sunglasses or simply multi-use, leisure sunglasses, the Cébé Nano active design prescription programme provides a high-performance personalised answer to all wearers of single vision or varifocal lenses. Thanks to its axial compensation technology, your initial prescription is recalculated to compensate for the distortion naturally created by the curve on the frame and on the lens. When the prescription is high, the second stage of Nano active design technology comes into action: an algorithm modifies the geometry of the inside of the sunglasses and creates large-diameter optical zones at the centre of the transition area on the edges of the lenses so as to reduce their thickness. The transition areas are calculated to maintain the lateral visual perception of the cones of the retina, which is a key element in dynamic vision. This perception of lateral movement is really important because it provides you with information about your environment, making it crucial for safety (for example, being aware of a car which is overtaking you before you actually see it when you turn your head).

A wide range 
of lenses

Cébé prescription lenses are available in single–vision or progressive in over 16 different combinations and provide 100% UV protection and impact resistance. Every sports activity has a lens to match (Mountaineering, Ultra-trail, Running, Mountainbiking etc.): photochromic lenses that lighten and darken depending on the weather conditions, polarized lenses to eliminate chaotic light and reflections, with or without mirror, plus a wide range of lens colours.

The nano makes the difference...

Cébé is launching Nano Active Design technology: an eyesight prescription programme suitable for 99% of people who wear glasses.


How to obtain your 
prescription sunglasses?

Visit one of our many partner opticians and they will help you to choose the most suitable Cébé frame for your activity. Thanks to our order online system connected to our lens calculator, your optician will customise a pair of sunglasses with you and explain all their technical parameters to guide you towards your final choice. It will then take around eight days to produce your tailor made sunglasses. We know that it can take longer for some people to adapt to high-curve sunglasses with prescription, according to the complexity of the prescription and frequency of use and, of course, depending on the wearer. Accordingly, we offer a 30-day adaptation guarantee.