Cébé Atletas







"I grew up in Savoie, in the northern Alps and participated in athletics and cross country competition, as well as all outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, canyoning and mountaineering. Then I needed to escape competitions that were too “structured” and training sessions that didn’t really suit my desire for freedom and mountain activities. So I instinctively turned towards trail running. Thanks to this discipline I found my way of combining my passions, being in the mountains, for pleasure, competition, discovery and travel. I am particularly careful of keeping a healthy lifestyle that supports my desires. I believe that trail running should remain a discipline that is fueled by pleasure that each individual can have and enjoy every day. Despite the stress, pressure and standardization of an elite athlete’s life I try not to not let it over-influence me and remain myself, natural, according to my own values. By staying true to myself I believe I find a very intense emotional pleasure that is nourishing and complimentary to the physical pleasure and this in turn reflects in my practice and performance…"


  • Place and date of birth: Lille (France), December 24th 1985
  • City where you live now : A mix between Beaujolais and Beaufortain in the French Alps
  • At what age did you start your discipline? I’ve been running for about 23 years!! But I started trail running 12 years ago.
  • What are the reasons for having chosen it? I wanted to feel freer in the mountain, in my practice and in my training. I was not comfortable with athletic sports so I choose to stop it and start trail running and ultra trail.
  • What is your main objective in your sport career? Try to take pleasure every day!
  • What is your main objective in your personal life? The same !
  • Quel est votre objectif principal dans votre vie personnelle ? Pareil que mes objectifs de carrière !
  • Why do you choose us as partner? Simply because I like the brand and is very innovative. They try to create some interesting products that are well adapted to our discipline.
  • What is your favorite competition spot? Anywhere in the mountain.
  • What is your favorite place to rest? A wild place with mountains!
  • What is your favorite destination for holidays? A wild place with mountains!
  • What is your favorite movie? La 7ème compagnie.
  • What is your favorite dish? A steak tartare with French fries.
  • What is your favorite activity (except your sport)? Take care of my childrens.

"My best memory during my career is probably my first ultra-trail in 2007. I was just surprise to complete the run and lucky to win it"