Cébé Atletas





I started hiking at 12, and rock climbing at 14. I soon became a good rock climber, achieving 8a at 18 years old, and 8b at 25 years old. I also climbed hard Artificial routes untill A5 as well as hard alpine routes in the Alps, such as Droites North Face, McIntyre Colton on Jorasses, Pilier Central Frêney in winter. 
At 21 years old I climbed in alpine style the South face of ShishaPagma, my first 8000 m peak. 
At 25 years old I won the Spanish Piolet d’Or, after opening three hard routes with Patrick Gabarrou.
Last year, I completed the 14 8000m summits after climbing Everest and became the first Catalan to do so. 


  • Place and date of birth : October 18th 1970, Barcelona.
  • City where you live now: Sant Julià de Vilatorta (near from Barcelona).
  • At what age did you start your discipline ? 13 years old.
  • What are the reasons for having chosen this discipline ? Beeing into wild places, feeling some adventure, the challenge of achievement, the beauty of the environment and the healthy lifestyle.
  • What is your main objective in your sport career? After completing the 14 8000m summits, I wish to climb several icon mountains such as Cerro Torre, Eiger North Face, Nameless Tower in Baltoro and open new route in Nanga Parbat.
  • What is your main objective in your personal life? To be happy! It means to keep on climbing, guiding and also giving lectures and presentations to companies! And of course make the people around me happy!
  • Why do you choose us as partner ? As you know, I have been working with Bolle and Cebe since 1992 !!
  • What do you like the most in our products? Talking about the products in general, they are linked to mountain activities and challenge which is what I'm looking for. I also enjoy the different designs and the quality provided. The glasses really fit to my face and I feel confortable wearing them. 
  • Do you have a particular habit, a ritual before a competition? I don’t usually make competitions.
  • What is your favorite competition spot? As a mountain and alpine climber, my favorite spot are the summits !
  • What is the best memory in your career? Memories that I hold dear are: my first 8a, my first 8000m summit, the K2 summit as well as many ski touring trips!
  • What is your favorite place to rest? Home! But i also enjoy being in a hut in the mountains during winter. 
  • What is your favorite destination for holidays? I like to go to the coast, in Costa Brava or Menorca.o cut with the mountain life.
  • What is your favorite song, artist? Mozart!
  • What is your favorite movie? The English Patient
  • What is your favorite dish? Paella !
  • What is your favorite activity (except your sport)? Listen music. Playing piano and drums! I also like to read newspapers!
  • Do you have motto? "Play for more than you can afford to loose, and you will learn the game."
    W. Churchill.


"Some of my best memories during my career are: my first 8a, my first 8000m summit, the K2 summit and many ski touring trips !"