Cébé Atletas




My first competition was in Verbier  in 2015 and I lacked confidence in my skiing. I twisted my ankle during my run and my season ended there.
I went back in 2016 and really enjoyed competing as I was able to meet amazing people from all over the world but also because my skiing improved. 
I decided to quit my full-time job in December 2016 to focus on my ski season, and since, I love being on competitions of freeride world qualifier and also travel for some skiing projects.


  • Place and date of birth: April 20th 1991 in Grenoble (France)
  • City where you live now: Grenoble (France)
  • At what age did you start your discipline? 22 years old
  • What are the reasons for having chosen it? I grew up in Grenoble so it was very natural to start skiing at a young age, and since then I have been pushing myself into new challenges.
  • What is your main objective in your sport career? As for everyone taking part in the FWQ, my objective would be to win the European championship and access the FWT. 
    But first of all, I want to enjoy riding, explore new places and share my passion of skiing with as many people as possible.
  • What is your main objective in your personal life? Be happy and enjoy every single day.
  • Why do you choose us as partner ? I've always been fond of Cébé products and I'm proud to represent a French brand. 
  • What do you like the most in our products? What lI like the most in your products are: the versatility, the quality and the designs.
  • Do you have a particular habit, a ritual before a competition? I just try to smile, relax and have fun.
  • What is your favorite competition spot? Any place with good snow, sun and friendly faces.
  • What is the best memory in your career? My first place at the Engadinsnow.
  • What is your favorite place to rest? At home with my family.
  • What is your favorite song, artist? I really enjoy the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
  • What is your favorite movie? Rasta Rocket.
  • What is your favorite dish? My parents’ Christmas dinner.
  • What is your favorite activity (except your sport)? I love French boxing and practice many other sports.
  • Do you have motto? Pleasure before everything.


"The best memory of my career is my first place at the Freeride World Qualifier of Engandinsnow in 2017"