Cébé Atletas





I started running long distances late, I was lucky (or able) to get good results immediately (Winner in the Cervino Xtrail and in the Gran Trail Valdigne and finishing fifth at the Tor).The following years I finished third and first on the Tor des Géants. So I tryed to compare myself with the athletes of the highest level and, in 2015, I participated in the World Series circuit. Here I had my first “WS”podium in the “Marathon de Mont Blanc 80 km” and the victory at “The Rut” in USA. and  a second place. I had also a second place in the Eiger Ultra Trail and a third place at the TDS. Third in the overall classification of the World Series circuit. I continued to alternate races between my mountains and those of international importance, adding good results to my athlete's curriculum. 


  • Place and date of birth: 29.10.1978 in Ivrea (To) Italy
  • City where you live now: Aosta
  • At what age did you start your discipline? I was 34 years old, in 2012 when my sister joined me at the Tor des Géants.
  • What are the reasons for having chosen it? I have always practiced sport, but I started to make the Trail for a bet with my sister: the goal was to finish the “Tor des Géants”. Since the first race I realized that this sport would become my passion.
  • What is your main objective in your sport career?

just have fun and love everything that gives me the race in nature and the adrenaline of the races!

  • What is your main objective in your personal life?

I am happy with what I have: an engineer's job that satisfies me, a daughter who is growing up and a family that is always close to me.

  • Why do you choose us as partner?

Simply because I like the spirit and dynamism of the company and from the first contacts I felt part of a beautiful family.

  • What do you like the most in our products?

What is certainly more important is the fact that they are very comfortable and therefore even running seems not to have them. The range of models allows me to find a solution for every need.

  • Do you have a particular habit, a ritual before a competition?

I’m not superstitious so I do not have recurring habits. The preparation of the backpack, however, is a ritual before a competition.

  • What is your favorite competition spot?

Competing on the grounds of my mountains is super. But this sport allows you to run in special contexts always.

  • What is the best memory in your career?

every race has its own story and leaves you with something. Certainly the arrival to Chamonix in the crowd leave a beautiful memory, as well as the arrival of my won tor. It is really hard to make a choice!

  • What is your favorite place to rest?

I have a small Walser house at 2000 meters above sea level in the country where I grew up. I escape there as soon as possible!

  • What is your favorite destination for holidays?

My Walser House in Gressoney!

  • What is your favorite song, artist?

I love to sing loudly "Io non so parlar d’amore" of Adriano Celentano! but I can’t make you feel ....

  • What is your favorite movie?

I'm not a great cinephile… I have to say... Forrest Gump!

  • What is your favorite dish?

all the dishes I find already cooked when I can go to my mom

  • What is your favorite activity (except your sport)?

mountaineering, which I practice in winter. I'm also fond of drones

  • Do you have motto?

I could say ... never give up