is a declaration of the values and beliefs inherent in CÉBÉ, founded in 1892 with a mission to live in harmony with the earth, water and sky, protecting your eyes and head while cherishing the great outdoors.

We don't ask permission – permission exists for those who seek it.

We don't follow the beaten track – the beaten track is for those who fear innovation.

We don't draw our inspiration from others – it springs from our connection with Earth, Water and Sky. This ability to connect with the elements is our strength.

We are guided by the harmony of the elements, in every effort, in every project, on every path. Every step is an echo of the Earth, every dream a reflection of the Sky, every emotion a flow of Water.

We are Free: free to think and free to act. We form a community, uniting people from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe. This is our Family.

We are CÉBÉ, bearers of this mission: Outfitters for souls in search of freedom and adventure, for those who follow their own path.

Our frames are rooted in the tones and textures of the earth. From warm hues evoking solid rock and fertile mountain soil, to patterns inspired by geological relief, each piece reflects the strength and stability of the earth. Sustainability is at the heart of our approach, with high-quality materials that resist the elements and respect the environment.

Our ambassadors in their element: THE EARTH

Water is an element of movement, flow and vitality. Our lenses are designed to deliver crystal clarity, enabling wearers to see the world with unrivalled sharpness. Our eyewear accompanies your journey with lightness and transparency, while offering ultimate protection against glare.

Our ambassadors in their element: WATER

The immensity of the sky inspires our airy, timeless designs. Sleek lines, stylish shapes and gradations of color that evoke sunrise and sunset on snowy peaks. Our sunglasses embody the spirit of freedom and adventure, inviting you to look up to the infinite and embrace every moment under the blazing sun.

Our ambassadors in their element: THE SKY