How to use it


Sunglasses protect the eyes from the harmful and unpleasant effects of the sun's rays. We remind you that sunglasses are not suitable for driving at dusk or at night, nor for protecting the eyes from mechanical impact, nor for direct observation of the sun, nor for protection from artificial light sources (e.g. solariums).

Be careful when wearing your glasses to remove them from your face by holding them by both arms.

Ski mask

Cébé goggles are designed to provide protection against snow, sun, wind and cold for winter sports. Do not use on the road or while driving.

To avoid fogging:  

    Wipe your screen with a soft cloth as well as your face
    Once the mask is worn, do not obstruct the air vents

Ski helmet

Cébé ski helmets are designed to offer optimal head protection during your skiing and snowboarding activities. Do not use a Cébé ski helmet for any other activity (such as motorized activities, cycling, field hockey...).

Wearing a helmet helps reduce the severity of potential head injuries due to its shock absorption capacity and the protection it offers against any type of object. After a violent impact a helmet should not be used, even if there is no visible damage. Having absorbed the energy of the impact to reduce its force, it will not absorb another impact as effectively.

The helmet should be properly placed on the head to protect the forehead while leaving the neck clear. An adjustable helmet should fit your own head. The chin straps should be tight, but not too tight, and the fastening system should be closed.

Maintenance and storage

Your Cébé products must be cleaned regularly to keep them in good condition and prolong their life.

   Don't use solvents/detergents, paper-based products, ski gloves or other abrasive materials that may alter the mechanical and technical properties of the products.
    Let them air dry completely before storing them (do not use a hair dryer or any other artificial heat source such as a radiator).
   Don't leave them in direct light on the dashboard of a car or on the back deck.
•    Remember to store them in their case or microfiber pouch to protect them.

Screens, lenses or visors must absolutely be replaced when their state of deterioration no longer allows them to be used properly. They must be replaced with new lenses of the same Cebe model in order to continue to guarantee their functionality and protection.  

All modifications to a bicycle or ski helmet, especially the application of paint, stickers, and the use of detergents, chemicals and solvents, can reduce performance and lower the level of protection.


To clean your Cébé sunglasses, you can wash your frame with soapy water and then gently wipe it after rinsing using a soft cloth, such as microfiber.

Ski mask

To clean your Cébé ski mask, use a soft cloth, taking care to remove any particles or dust from the surface first. Do not rub or wipe vigorously the inner face of the screen because the anti-fog treatment will lose its effectiveness.

Ski helmet

The helmet should be cleaned using only water, mild soap and a clean soft cloth. You can use a cotton swab moistened with lightly soapy water to reach openings, vents and vents.

Gently dry or dry on a terry towel.

The foam inside your helmet is machine washable at 30°C.