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  • 245-PINK BLACK
  • 317-BLACK PINK
  • 328-WHITE PINK

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Super lightweight at only 19 grams, the Katniss by Cébé are sunglasses for little girls ages 7 to 10. The frame is inspired by the design of the most trendy models for adults and is designed to be as comfortable as possible and to stay in place on the face. Cébé Katniss are equipped with Zone Blue Light polycarbonate lenses. Ultra impact resistant, they are perfect for preventing eye strain and visual damage in children. They filter up to 94% of blue light and offer 100% UV protection. Category 3 lenses improve visual acuity by providing excellent environmental and color perception in medium to bright light conditions. These lenses have an anti-scratch coating applied to the outer part of the lens to increase hardness and strengthen scratch and abrasion resistance. The lenses also have a Flash Mirror coating. It offers a better appearance, uniform visual perception and improved filtration performance. Glasses come in a case.


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