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Étoiles du sport is the story of a duo made up of Olympic vice-champion freestyle ski jumper Sébastien Foucras and his mentor Benoit Eycken. Bound together by the practice and demands of top-level sport, they decided in 2002 to transform their experience into a unique model of knowledge transmission and experience sharing for French athletes.

Transmission, mentoring and excellence are the three key words of the program. The daily objective is to bring together the current champions and hopefuls of French sport in order to guide young people towards the very highest levels of performance. Experience is lost if it is not passed on. That's why, through Étoiles du Sport, "Today's Champions sponsor Tomorrow's Champions".

The two entities have joined forces in a partnership that enables us to pass on our shared values to young people and support them in their exploits.

We're really delighted to be part of this great adventure!

See you in Tignes at the end of November for the rest!

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