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Cébé x Olympique de Marseille: a sunny story

This summer 2023, we had the privilege of meeting and sharing with the Olympique de Marseille teams.
Imagine, our Cébé sunglasses, adopted by the players during their Summer Tour in Germany...
It was as if the sportswear style of Cébé and the energy of l'OM were combining under an azure sky.

Cébé x Summer Tour OM

A summer tour where the sun shines brightly, and where our eyewear had the opportunity to experience these special moments with OM players to protect their vision. This adventure was more than just a partnership; it was a shared experience between a brand that wants to put down roots in the South of France and an emblematic club that makes the heart of Provence beat faster.

Le Sud nouveau terrain de jeu pour Cébé 

At Cébé, our sportswear DNA is taking a new direction, with the desire to shine in the South of France. And what better than Olympique de Marseille to embody this new status? OM, an integral part of the Mediterranean heritage, symbolizes the perfect union between sporting passion and the cultural heritage of the South. We want our eyewear to symbolize those sunny days, the electric atmosphere of the stadiums and the family spirit that reigns in the lanes from the Vieux-Port to the Orange Vélodrome.

Cébé, le compagnon des moments de vie  

Our eyewear is more than just an accessory. They're part of every moment with your family, from everyday life to the thrills and spills you experience together. They're more than just glasses, they're life companions, witnesses to your adventures, because they see everything? When you think of the well-known and popular sports world in our beautiful Provence, Olympique de Marseille is an obvious choice. It's much more than a soccer club, it's a passion shared by generations.
By associating itself with the OM, Cébé plunges into the heart of this collective passion, making each pair of glasses a transmission of values.
Cébé and OM are a fusion of authentic sporting and family values. These values are reflected in every detail of our eyewear.

Un Avenir Éblouissant  

What's next?
A new chapter in this sunny story has finally begun!
Cébé officially becomes the vision partner of Olympique de Marseille for the end of the 23/24 season AND the next 24/25 season.
Big surprises await you in the coming days...
Stay tuned!

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