You are getting ready to go to the mountains to enjoy the snowy slopes, but have you thought about protection?

Winter sports are a real source of pleasure for many people! However, it is important to remember that these activities also carry risks, especially if you do not take the necessary precautions to avoid injury. Among these precautions, wearing a ski helmet is one of the most important to enjoy the ski slopes safely!
Here are some tips to help you choose the best ski helmet for you.

Technology and security

Modern ski helmets are often equipped with various advanced technologies to ensure optimal protection.


Some ski helmets are equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology and are designed to provide additional impact protection by mimicking the role of the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds our brain. 
This technology was originally developed for high speed sports to eliminate the risk of serious injury, but absolutely anyone can wear it and it may be worth considering this technology when purchasing your ski helmet.


Some of our helmets incorporate this technology allowing your detection by rescue personnel in case of avalanche or even loss in the mountains. The detector used by searchers will emit a radar signal and when it meets the RECCO reflector, it is sent back to the detector indicating the direction of the skier to the rescue personnel. This technology is not, however, a substitute for an avalanche transceiver.

Helmet ventilation

Ventilation is another important element to consider when making your decision. A good ventilation system ensures adequate air circulation inside the helmet, which greatly helps to regulate the temperature. You will find 2 ventilation systems:

  • Adjustable ventilation system: Easy to use and very efficient, this system regulates the amount of air that circulates inside your helmet. You can open the vents when you need them.
    It also offers you greater comfort during your riding sessions.
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  • Passive Ventilation System: The helmet has strategically placed openings to ensure a constant flow of air, which helps to remove heat and keep out the cold.
    Unlike the adjustable system, you don't have the option of manually adjusting the flow, however, this is sufficient for many skiers who practice in moderate temperatures and don't require very precise ventilation.
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But above all, don't forget the comfort!

In addition to safety and ventilation, comfort is another factor to consider when selecting your ski helmet.

Adjusting your helmet

  • It is important to choose a helmet that fits your head perfectly. An ill-fitting helmet can cause pain and pressure points, and if it's too big, it won't be stable and won't give you enough protection.

  • BOA fit system: This technology brings you more comfort and more security thanks to its 360° tightening system that allows you a precise vertical, frontal and horizontal adjustment. This allows you to adapt your helmet perfectly to your head.

Removable and washable lining

  • In order to preserve an ideal comfort and hygiene, most of our models propose a removable interior that can be machine washed.
        To ensure the breathability of the helmets, the majority of the linings have 3D mesh inserts, which allows a better evacuation of the sweat.