Are you planning to go to the mountains and enjoy the ski slopes? But have you thought about the appropriate protection?

At altitude, the sun is not a joke! Indeed, every 300 meters, UV rays increase by 4%. And even in cloudy weather, the sun is a danger for your eyes, because UV rays are not blocked by clouds. Therefore, a good protection is essential. Without this protection, the epithelium (protective layer of the cornea) can cause inflammation and painful burning sensations.

First of all, it is important to take into account the different shapes of screen for masks. Since they have their own specificity, it is important to choose a mask that offers optimal vision according to your preferences.

Cylindrical shape

A flat screen that distorts the landscape as little as possible. Although it offers clear, undistorted vision, this type of mask offers more limited peripheral vision than the spherical mask.

Spherical shape

A curved screen that adapts to the shape of the retina and offers an enlarged field of vision and improves the perception of reliefs.

OTG Mask

(Over The Glasses) This one allows you to keep your glasses under your ski mask. All this without compressing or moving them.


On our range of goggles, you can find 3 levels of protection from category 1 to category 3. For example, to ski in comfort on a sunny day, a category 3 mask is strongly recommended and provides a degree of protection ranging from 83% to 92%. In case of mixed weather and low sunlight, opt for a category 2 protection. Finally, in case of very low light, a category 1 protection will make you happy!

You will also find different sun protection technologies

  • NXT® photochromic: One of the best screens in terms of optical clarity, impact resistance and light weight. It allows for greater responsiveness and amplitude of photochromic processing. It adapts to weather variations in less than 20 seconds.
  • Developed with Essilor Sun solution
  • Optical clarity
  • Resistants
  • Slight
  • Polycarbonate: 20 times more impact resistant than glass and much lighter, a polycarbonate screen provides a combination of protection, performance and visual comfort.
  • High resistance
  • Resistant to cracks

Shades and performance

The color of the screen, it gives style, but not only! Indeed, the colors applied have specificities. To these masks, a mirror effect can be added and give style to your mask, but not only. This effect aims first of all to remove the reflections caused by the strong reverberation on the snow.

You will also find different sun protection technologies

In the mountains, weather conditions change rapidly, so you need to be able to adapt. With the magnetic goggles, change your screen in an instant. Designed with 8 or 9 screens and sold with 2 screens (cat 1 & 3), you can enjoy your snowy days with the best possible vision in all weather conditions. The strength of the magnets also ensures a good hold of the screen and maximum safety.